~ Entertain Mr. Ieyasu Tokugawa !~

The 6th Fushimi Oshiro Matsuri Festival (Fushimi Momoyamajo Castle Festival)  that attracted more than 16,000 people last year is going to be held in 2019 as well, with variety of food, live music and dance, historical exhibition, lectures and others!


Eve (Night Festival)  Saturday Nov  2, 2019  15:00-21:00
Main Festival              Sunday, Nov 3, 2019 10:00-16:00


Fushimi Momoyamajo Undo Koen  (Fushimi Momoyamajo Castle Park)

          About 20 min. by train from Kyoto Sta. to the nearest station, then walk 15-20 minutes.




  • 15 minutes walk to the east from ‘Tanbabashi’ Station of Keihan and Kintetsu Railways
  •  20 minutes walk to the east from ‘Momoyama Goryomae’ Station of Kintetsu Railways or ‘Fushimi Momoyama’ Station of Keihan Railway.
  • 15 minutes walk to the north east from JR ‘Momoyama’ Station.

Free Shuttle Bus

Free shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes from west of Gokogu Shrine front gate to Fushimi Momoyamajo Park from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm on Nov 3.   (Donation appreciated)



Eve Festival

  •    Live musics – Tango, Irish Trad, Japanese Enka, Erhu etc.
  •    Belly Dance and Calligraphy Performaces
  •    Castle Lighting Up
  •    BBQ service
  •    Variety of Food and Alcohol
  •    History talk of ‘Fushimi and Tokugawa’ 

Main Festival

  •    Live musics – Wind Ensemble, Marching band, Irish Trad etc.
  •    Sword Fight Show, Nankin-tamasudare bamboo show
  •    ‘Kids Land’  – crafting, painting, experiencing
  •    BBQ service
  •    ‘Castle Market’ – Variety of Food, handcrafts and activities
  •    History talk of ‘Fushimi Castle Town’ 







BBQ Reservation


Foreigners / Travelers Welcome!